We’ve come a long way in thirty years, gone through miles and miles of texts, grinding out thousands of translations. Today, with the utmost experience and the most advanced technologies, we lead the way, guiding clients and partners efficiently beyond the limits of more than 50 different foreign languages!

With Geakoinè, translating is much more than a science; it is an art. It is not the mere process of lexical transformation but an intellectual endeavor that demands the highest level of linguistic knowledge, the individual skills of the team in charge of the project and the specific terminological understanding that each field demands. Only by observing and respecting the targeted informative and cultural contexts can we render your words truly and universally effective.


Today we are one of Italy’s top agencies specialized in translations and in generating multilingual documents. We lead the field for specific know-how in countless technical sectors: editorial publications, manuals, instructions and warranties for consumer products and flagship products, software, websites, catalogs, etc.

Our method:

  • Constant personnel recruiting and training;
  • Mother tongue translators and interpreters who are highly qualified in specific sectors;
  • Continuous terminological updating;
  • Glossaries and translation memories are created, used and personalized for each client;
  • Compatibility with the main programs dealing with texts and graphic layout;
  • Strict quality controls;
  • Each project is assigned to a project manager, a sole contact person who is always on top of the situation, your go-to person for interfacing, keeping relations between Geakoinè and clients simple and effective.


Our strengths:

  • More than 500 collaborators in Italy alone. Our collaborators are more than just translators; they are product managers, electronic engineers, freelancers and expert consultants in advertising, literary, technical and business spheres, as well as financial and legal;
  • We work with more than 2000 translators throughout the world. We handle projects in all the main languages, using mother tongue translators and revisers;
  • The speed with which we transmit information and our respect for quality and the turnaround times our clients expect;
  • We use and trade technological information with agents, branches and affiliates on European as well as international levels to create personalized glossaries that are constantly updated by our translators;
  • State-of-the-art systems and technologies;
  • We work with all special “print ready”characters and fonts, editorial revisions, localizations, and multilingual pre-print layouts.


Our services:

  • Commercial, legal, technical, scientific, and literary translations carried out by mother tongue and Italian professionals who are constantly being recruited and trained to operate in specific sectors;
  • We create and use personalized translation memories that are constantly updated;
  • We organize linguistic projects with strict and programmed final quality controls;
  • Linguistic consulting for catalogs, instruction manuals, contracts, technical specifications, patents, budget plans and business correspondence;
  • Certified sworn translations of legal documents carried out by expert court translators;
  • Turnkey processing of texts: graphic layout employing the most sophisticated and diversified software;
  • Insertion of texts into drawings, exploded diagrams, and charts, using professional scanners.
  • Translation of and for websites (personal, corporate, e-commerce, etc.). Geakoinè translators are able to adapt the dynamic pages of websites to any language.
  • We localize web pages in non-Latin script languages (Arabic, Greek, Russian, etc.) as well as non-alphabetic languages (ideographic languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) whose contents are then displayed directly on their target country browsers.
  • Translation of marketing and advertising materials (ensuring that contents and linguistic versions are properly drafted).