If you’ve taken language courses in the past that turned out to be useless, this means the method (do-it-yourself or guided) was wrong.

Our individual courses were conceived to accompany you on a personalized student-teacher educational path, starting with an accurate analysis of your needs.

Concentration, intensity and a direct relationship with your teacher can truly make the difference.



Your can choose from a variety of packages that range from as little as 5 up to 40 hours.

You decide how long you want your course to be, according to the goal you want to reach.

Your schedule and weekly frequency are flexible according to your means and needs; you can choose from once, twice or multiple sessions per week, mornings, afternoons or evenings. You can also attend Saturday, if that’s the only day you have available.

You can also sign up for an individual or group course of up to 4 persons maximum, splitting the cost of the course with your fellow participants!



For further information or a free customized estimate that is obligation-free, call us at +39 035-340-500 or send an email to corsi@geakoine.com.